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Based in Swellendam, Overberg Lighting & Electrical is an accredited installer of DSTV, CCTV, Security Systems, Gates & Garages, Solar Systems, Air Conditioners, Lighting & Electrical.
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Electrical  Wiring

Overberg Lighting & Electrical specialises in the wiring of house or other commercial buildings.
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New house? We'll wire it.
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We do commercial wirings.
residential electrician

Light your interior

Keep your home illuminated.
Commercial electrician

Lights on

Lighting can bring across professionalism and sophistication.
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Why choose us?

Electricity is a basic human need. It is the core of every household and drives industries worldwide. It is important to make sure that your electrical problem is fixed by a trained profesional.

From solar to home security to motor gates, we've got you covered.

Got a new house? New offices? New building?  We'll be there to wire it and install all the electrical systems you need.

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Have a problem? Our team of experts are waiting with anticipation for your call.
No matter how big or small the problem, we are always happy to help you out.
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Years Established


Established in 2004 by Herman Fourie.


3 teams of skilled electricians at your service.
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More about us

Overberg Lighting& Electrical specializes in complete electrical and lighting installations, house wiring, and solar systems.
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Electrical problems?

There is no such thing as a small electrical problem. A small problem can escalate into large one and a faulty plug can turn into a fire. Make sure that all the electrical systems in your environment are safely installed.

Call us before something goes wrong or someone gets hurt. It's better to call the electrician now than call the doctor later.

Electrical services

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

Stay cool with Overberg’s swift, efficient air conditioner installations!
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Lighting & Electrical

Lighting & Electrical

Domestric & industrial electrical installastions and solutions.
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Install PV panels, solar inverters & battery units
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Accredited installers of DSTV
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CCTV & Security

Intercom systems, home security & electrical fence installation.
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Gates & Garages

Accredited centurion installers of motor gates and garages.
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Installers of freestanding fireplaces
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Forget About Electricity Troubles

  • Better Lighting

    Light has the capacity to create an atmosphere much more than furniture or an accessory can; it recreates unique sensations and experiences.

    Save money

    Investing in efficient lighting is safer and saves a lot of costs.

    Don't sit in the dark

    Lighting is something every home and every workplace needs. Don't opt for the second best option. Work with us.
  • Switch to solar

    Green electricity is produced in a way that protects the natural environment, for example by using wind, water, or the sun: Fit solar panels and switch to green electricity.

    Increase home value

    Having solar panels, increases the value of your home. Pay now, get it back later.

    Control your electricity

    Home solar panels and a home battery offers freedom from the utility companies with predictable electric bills. Avoid peak electricity rates and have power during grid downtime.
  • It's complicated

    Electricity problems can be complicated. Most of the times you need a professional electrician to help you out. We are here for  you.

    Safety First

    We care about your safety and the services we provide can help keep you safe from preventing electrical fires and installing CCTV.

    Better safe than sorry

    Not sure if something is a problem? Perhaps we should just make certain.
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